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And the winner is... Metro PCS.

 by: Marcin Gorka  Published: Nov 29, 2012

A couple of weeks ago, Americans took part in another Presidential Elections. Every minute of every day, prior to elections, we were “forced” to watch TV ads about Mitt Romney or Barack Obama. It felt like there were only 2 candidates running for the Presidency. As a matter of fact, when people would ask me who I'm voting for, I would tell them Gary Johnson and they would say: “No, wait, which guy are you voting for for President?” I would politely repeat, “Gary Johnson” and they would say: “there is another guy?”

The exact same thing happens when people ask me about what cell phone company I use. But, I will get to that in a little bit...

Again, like with politics, we are “forced” to watch TV ads of the biggest players in the world of cell phones, the ones who have unlimited funds to advertise. Their contracts lock you into a two year jail, in which you'd have to pay to get out of. Their plans never have enough data, text or voice, so at the end of each month you find yourself

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