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   Podatekdochodowy.com was launched in 2001 by Henry Limowski. It was designed to cater to the Polish community living in the U.S. as an information hub for all of the income tax related issues and questions. As it helped thousands of visitors better manage their income tax related issues, it was not interactive. So, in 2011, Henry Limowski and his new partner, Marcin Gorka, decided to redesign and launch a one of a kind, interactive tool for all Poles living in the United States.

   Today, not only do we help Polish community with taxes but with financial, mortgage and real estate information. We have a vast knowledge of all tax, mortgage and real estate related issues as well as industry guarded secrets that we want to reveal to all of podatekdochodowy.com users.

   We are an article based website where all users, after creating a free personal account, may post and share articles, promote their businesses through interaction with other members and much more.

Thanks for visiting.

Team Podatekdochodowy
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