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Where's my tax refund?

Published: Mar 17, 2011    Updated: Feb 23, 2012    Views 5544    Comments 1
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The status of the income tax refund can be easily checked online, but make sure you use the official source to prevent fraud.

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So you prepared your income tax return, then filed it electronically, or like some people still do, dropped the fat envelope in the mailbox. Now you’re waiting for the refund check to come in. Or if you opted for direct deposit, you’re checking your account for that special, once a year deposit from Uncle Sam. Another day passes and it’s not there. So you start questioning whether IRS received your return, or was your check lost. To relieve some of your worries, you can check status of your tax return directly from the IRS website.

The status of the refund may be checked in about 3 days after filing electronically or in about 3 to 4 weeks after filing paperwork by mail. If you moved during this time and didn’t set up a mail forwarding at the post office, your refund check may be returned back to IRS. In this case IRS’s website will allow you to update the mailing address and reissue the refund check. If your check was lost, you have ability to reissue the check as well.

The tool that IRS provides is called Refund Status, with which you can check status of your refund using some simple information that only you may know, for obvious privacy and security reasons. The tool asks for your social security number, filing status and refund amount to look up your information and prevent unauthorised access.

As a side note, always be very careful when providing your social security number on the Internet, making sure you know exactly what it is used for and properly checking website domain and it’s security. There are lot of phishing sites that fraudulently try to acquire sensitive personal information. I can’t stress this enough, be always alert when providing any type of personal information on the Internet.
1. IRS Refund Status
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Henry Limowski
Henry Limowski February 23, 2012
IRS Launched an app for iPhone and Android called IRS2Go, where taxpayers not only can check the status of their federal refund, but also get their tax records.
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