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$0.00 Cable TV Bill: How to cheat Comcast

Published: Jul 27, 2012    Updated: Oct 13, 2012    Views 34473    Comments 0
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Most people don't realize that when they get rid of Comcast they can still enjoy cable TV, courtesy to some loophole. So don't wait and switch to free cable TV.

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Majority of the people that I spoke with already canceled their home phone service or they are seriously thinking about dropping it. The reason is simple, the landline service is expensive and
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Frustrated - that’s what my wife and I were while customers of Comcast. Every month our cable bill came in higher than the previous month. My wife called Comcast's customer service and asked if there is anything that they can do in order to lower our bill. We were paying over $80 a month for basic cable TV (about 80 channels) and that didn't even include Internet. Comcast's rep suggested that we cut our channels in half and pay “only” $50 per month; “that’s the best they can do.” So my wife decided to cut it completely off and within 2 hours our cable was off.

So, there we were, without cable and our favorite show, America’s Got Talent about to air on NBC. At that instance, I remembered that my brother-in-law had the same issue and was able to stream several channels without a cable box or subscription. I tried his technique and it worked perfectly. Not only were we watching America’s Got Talent for free that night, but we did so in High Definition.

Now, you’re probably asking yourself, how did he do that? It’s simple. Just plug the cable directly into your TV, go to setup menu on your TV, select channel search (most TVs will have 2 options there; one for cable and one for air broadcast), choose cable and hit search. Your TV should receive transmitted signal and pick up all available channels. I was able to receive 48 channels, including ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Antenna TV, and many more. Please remember that your TV must have a digital tuner and most modern televisions in America should have them built in.

Before you decide to cut off your cable, I suggest unplugging your cable box, connecting your TV directly to a cable outlet and searching for channels. This will allow you to see how many free channels you can receive once your cable is shut off.

It has been about 4 months since we cut off our cable and we still very much enjoy a cable bill of $0. We have 2 little kids and since we don’t receive any cartoon stations, we decided to get Netflix for $8 per month, that way they can watch their favorite cartoons. We also purchased a WiFi Netgear NeoTV Internet receiver that easily connects TV with Netflix, VuDu, Hulu, News Stations, Games, Music and much more.

Good luck and enjoy your free cable!!!
1. Netflix
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