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Reduce property tax using NJ Homestead Rebate

Published: Sep 28, 2012    Views 12645    Comments 0
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New Jersey homeowners may qualify to receive a rebate for their property taxes. Don’t miss the opportunity and get informed how to receive application and where to file.

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If you are a New Jersey homeowner you may qualify for a property tax rebate, also known as Homestead Property Tax Rebate. The benefit is paid in the form of a check or as a credit on a future property tax bill, depending on circumstances. The applications are sent to homeowners based on filed income. However, based on State’s assumption you may not get the application packet.

This filing year, 2011, the application deadline has been extended to October 19, 2012 and the gross income limits may not exceed $75,000 (non-senior, non-disabled homeowners) and $150,000 (65 or older or disabled on December 31, 2001). I would recommend filing the application even if your income is above the limit as the State Budget may still change these limit values.

If you did not receive the 2011 application packet and your income is below the limit, call the Division to get your application packet. You must be a homeowner as of October 1, 2011 and all the due property taxes must be paid on the property. Contact NJ Division of Taxation at 1-888-238-1233 from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, except holidays. For application packet delivery dates see below link

If you received the application packet, you can easily file online using your identification number and PIN that’s included in packet.

According to NJ Division of Taxation eligible homeowners will receive their 2011 homestead benefit as a credit applied to their February 2013 property tax bills. Those who sold their property before filing or whose principal residence was a unit in a co-op or continuing care retirement community will be issued a benefit in the form of a check or direct deposit.
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