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Article Status

All articles have an assigned status, and based on that status are at various stages of publishing.

Draft - article is in working state

When new article is created, it's automatically assigned this status. At this point the article is not listed in directory regardless of the directory classification selection. It's also not publicly visible; it's only accessible by creator. However if the article is the translation of the original article, then it's also accessible by the creator of the original article.

When article is ready to be published, select Publish from article toolbar. This will submit article for editorial review.

Pending Review - article is waiting to be reviewed by editor

Articles submitted for publishing are reviewed by the editor before they are published in the directory. Articles are placed in a queue awaiting review by editor and will remain in this state until available editor starts review process.

In Review - article is being reviewed by editor

Articles accepted for review by the editors remain in this status until the editor completes the review process. The editor's review consists of checking article's content is written on a subject, proper grammar and spelling, reference validation and directory classification. Article may be rejected and returned to the originator if article does not follow rules. Editor may also change any part of the article at his discretion.

The editor completes the review by accepting article for publishing or rejecting it. Upon approval the article is published and listed under appropriate directory category. When article is rejected, it is returned back to creator for a revision.

Rejected - article has been rejected by editor

When editor determines that article does not meet all the guidelines or is not feasible for publishing, the editor rejects the article. It is then returned back to the originator for a revision. At this point the article is at a stage equivalent to Draft.

The originator needs to correct the article according to instructions that editor may provide. When the article is ready to be published, select Publish from article toolbar. This will resubmit article for editorial review.

Published - article is published

Article is published and listed in the directory. It is publicly visible to everyone.

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