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March 7, 2012
Server upgrade
We apologize for temporary interruption of service as we were upgrading our server. This was necessary to prevent some known security issues. We care about your online security and we want to keep our community safe.
April 12, 2011
We have changed to better serve the community
After over a decade of providing income tax preparation services we have changed gears and redesigned our website to an interactive information sharing portal. Our mission is to share all of the insider knowledge of the income tax preparation profession. Additionally together with our business partner that worked for over a decade in mortgage industry, we will share mortgage and credit history information that no one in that industry wants you to know.

The purpose of this information hub is to spread awareness and help people manage their finances better, especially now in the tough economic times. We hope that every visitor will find something here that they can use in their daily life to save their hard earned money.
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