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  • Banking (1)
  • You would be skeptical if I told you the number of consumers I’ve encountered that are financially overwhelmed because they did not identify a cash flow problem in time to do something about it.

    One thing I want to help you to see is that a cash flow problem can almost always be seen well in advance.
  • Credit cards (1)
  • It's not always possible to prevent fraud from happening, but there are things you can do to make it more difficult for a thief to capture your credit card information therefore minimizing the possibility.
  • Credit History (0)
  • Credit Repair (0)
  • Debt (2)
  • Have you heard the argument to keep your mortgage? You get a tax benefit right? What about investment properties? On the other hand have you heard it is better in fact to be debt free?
    Which 'experts' are correct?
    Imagine your future without any debt at all. That's right, your house and cars were paid for and your credit cards were zero’d out. For many people this concept seems overwhelming and perhaps even unrealistic. But what if it wasn't?
  • Income tax (7)
  • IRS allows to file income tax return up to 6 month after the normal deadline without questions asked. All that’s needed is to file a simple form for automatic extension of time to file
    Collecting required forms and documents to better organize for income tax return preparation.
    Information for individuals that worked seasonably in U.S. on how to prepare income tax return and filing requirements.
    Learn how to overcome challenges when filing income tax from another country. Tips how to save time and what to beware.
    Learn how you can estimate income tax more accurately and get your tax return ready for filing at the same time.
    Find out how you can prepare income tax by yourself and file it for free or inexpensively.
    The status of the income tax refund can be easily checked online, but make sure you use the official source to prevent fraud.
  • Investing (1)
  • Everybody should realize that highly profitable business is always accompanied with variety of risks. Trading on the Forex market belongs to such types of business. Any market player must weigh the positive and negative sides of participating in Forex trading operations.
  • Loans (1)
  • Save your home from foreclosure and learn how to take advantage of various mortgage modification options.
  • Real estate tax (4)
  • New Jersey homeowners may qualify to receive a rebate for their property taxes. Don’t miss the opportunity and get informed how to receive application and where to file.
    Do you wonder why your property taxes increase so much? If you don’t file tax appeal, you may be paying more tax for those who successfully appealed their property tax.
    Why not check if your house is assessed in line with comparable properties in your neighborhood. This process could lower your property taxes if your assessment is too high.
    A technique that saves homeowners several percent on real estate tax and homeowner’s insurance premiums by getting mortgage without escrow.
  • Taxes (0)
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