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  • There are several important stimulated factors in implementing the innovation projects in light industry companies of Uzbekistan that can bring opportunity to develop the national economy, supply people with jobs and consolidate the independence of the country.
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  • If you want your organization's Emergency Plan to be more than a thick document gathering dust on a shelf, you must have a well thought out and well organized planning process and you must take steps to systematically and continually infuse emergency preparedness throughout the organization.
    This article will demystify security risk assessments by defining what a security risk assessment is and explaining some basic concepts in risk assessment in common language. Some of the main values and benefits of a security risk assessment will also be interwoven into the discussion. This will provide small business owners, corporate managers, and security professionals insight on how they can use a security risk assessment to make informed and cost-effective security decisions that are commensurate with risks.
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  • New mind-reading technology allows law enforcement and even private companies to look inside your brain for criminal intent
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